Surah Fatiha is Everything

4 08 2011

It’s Ramadan and we are all busy praying extra salah . If we miss Taraweeh at the masjid then at least we try to pray 8 rakah at home. Some people are so busy doing extra that I feel like they are forgetting their purpose.

The purpose of Ramadan is to achieve Taqwa, to become Muttaqi. And how do we do it? It’s not possible for anyone to be guided unless he/she knows what he/she is saying in Surah Fatiha.

Knowing what you say in your salah is the only way to achieve Taqwa. After all, the reason why Ramadan has this high status is because Quran was revealed in this month.

So, whats the point if we are not really paying attention to what we are saying or hearing? Yes,  your rewards get multiplied in this month. But that was never the purpose of fasting in Ramadan. Allah said fasting is prescribed for you so that you become Muttaqi.

We read Surah Fatiha atleast 17+40=57 times everyday in Ramadan. But how many  times we say it from our heart? When we say “Ihhdinaas Sirataal Mustaqim”, do we really mean it and really ask for it? If anyone really meant everything he/she said, wouldn’t they be guided and become Muttaqi?

But if you have forgotten your purpose and doing all of these just for rewards, then I am not sure how are you going to get Taqwa.




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